Mark is part of a new wave of "Designer-Makers" living and working in France. He has spent many years working with wood, but has been driven to master the technique of steam bending wood, enabling him to create stunning and beautiful items. He is both the designer and creator of his own innovative lighting, furniture and sculptures. 

Adopting the same techniques used by boat builders and barrel makers, Mark is able to create beautiful soft curves in oak by steaming this naturally strong wood, allowing it to become malleable and presenting many design opportunities .

The art deco and art nouveau eras have been a huge influence, alongside elements of Japanese and Scandinavian design, resulting in a range of timeless, elegant and functional pieces, favouring natural materials that give a sense of luxury to his simple but beautiful creations.

Mark uses as much of the local materials as possible and every item is hand crafted to his meticulous standards, producing a limited stock of high end unique items, which have become highly sought after by a discerning audience looking for a new and different image for their home and living space

Mark A Aston