Number 12

Number 12

Number 12
Number 12
Number 12

Number 12 has a unique form, l did not want to create a standard  "U" shaped curve. The angle of the oak, where it leaves the slate base, is much more pronounced, giving the impression it is trying to leave the surface and float away.

The outer surface of the oak, as with all the LED lamps, has been rounded. This extra attention to detail gives this range of lamps a wonderful soft presence and extraordinary tactile feel. 

The LED light source is diffused through a strip of cotton, which is attached to an opaque self adhesive  material which has been designed and engineered for lampshade manufacturing and have many treatments including,  anti-yellowing, anti-static, UV stabilisation and fire resistant.

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All items are hand made to order. Delay 3 weeks to dispatch

Dimensions: L  43cm x W 15cm  x H 40cm

Weight: 2.9 kg (unboxed)

Main materials: Oak, Slate, Linen

24 V LED light strip (300 LED's per meter)

Grey coarse linen flex, inline switch

Finish: Tung oil blend, matt finish

Fittings: 240v Standard European 2 pin Plug

Free postage in all European countries

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Inline switch