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Winner of the "Ateliers d'Art de France Competition" for best creation in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine

We meticulously craft handmade wood statement lighting, using a specific savoir faire to create a completely bespoke and unique, high quality luminaires.

Along with a strict policy on locally sourced material, we strive to be reliable, flexible and innovative within our domain.

Adopting the same techniques used by boat builders and barrel makers, we are able to create beautiful soft curves in oak by steaming this naturally strong wood, allowing it to become malleable.

resulting in a range of timeless, elegant and functional pieces, favouring natural materials that give a sense of luxury to our simple but beautiful creations.

every item is hand crafted to perfection,

producing a limited stock of high end unique items, which have become highly sought after by a discerning global audience looking for a new and different image for their home and living space

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