"My goal is always to create an object that will stand the test of time, an item that will always be elegant and beautiful no matter what the current fashion may be, a piece of functional art that can be passed from one generation to the next and be consistently appreciated"

The simplicity of all the designs is enhanced by hiding the cable beyond view, within the curved oak spine its self.

This sophisticated and technically challenging approach, adds to the elegance and allure, making these lamps singular, exclusive and sought after.

The lamps for the 2020 season all come with a hand crafted, slate coloured, 280gr linen lamp shade, a perfect colour balance, between the oak, the slate base and Italian linen cable.

Changing the fabric and design of the shade, dramatically alters the atmosphere that the lamp creates, other fabrics are available on request to suit your current decor.

Steam Bent Oak Lamp
No 16
Steam Bent Oak Lamp

No 79

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No 24

Steam Bent Oak Lamp

No 55