Number 18

Number 18

Number 18
Number 18
Number 18
Number 18
Number 18

A continuous arching curve of oak, that almost comes back on its self, enabling the LED light to illuminate the oak in a subtle way, gives this lamp a more sculptural feel, while being balanced at a point to accentuate the beautiful sweeping form.  Like all our hand crafted lamps, number 18 Is a perfect mix if design and craftsmanship, giving our customers an object of outstanding quality that is a pleasure to own.

The outer surface of the oak, as with all the LED lamps, has been rounded by hand. This extra attention to detail gives this range of lamps a wonderful soft presence and extraordinary tactile feel.
Our lamps are designed using natural, locally sourced material, where ever possible. The two principal elements are oak and Brass, material that  if carefully maintained, will last for a life time.

When designing all of our lamps many elements must be considered, one of the major objectives, apart from the aesthetic look and feel, is the longevity of an object, if it were not possible to replace any and all elements, then it would drastically reduce its lifespan. 

With this in mind, we have created an item that can be returned to us and have any component changed, including the LED strip should it fail in years to come, enabling your lamp to be passed from generation to generation.

For further details consult our after sales page.

Dimensions: L  42cm x W 7cm  x H 36cm

Weight: 0.6 kg (unboxed)

Main materials: Oak, Brass

24 V LED light strip (480 LED's per meter)

Inline switch

Finish:  oil blend, Satin finish

Fittings: 240v Standard European 2 pin Plug

Free postage to all European countries

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